Drop fat and gain lean muscle in just 90 days or your money back

I know what it’s like to feel frustrated…

Frustrated at the lack of progress

Frustrated at the time it takes

Frustrated because all of the sacrifices you’re making are simply not giving you the results you really want

That increase in shirt size by putting on muscle whilst losing belly fat (I’m talking to YOU, bro)

Reducing dress sizes, but at the same time increasing lean muscle mass, getting stronger and leaner at the same time so you can feel good in & out (yeah - I’m talking to you, Queen)

Don’t worry, I got you

Those diets you’ve used in the past. That muscle building workout that was supposed to change your life. They were all missing one thing

Missing the one thing that all of us fitness content creators use

And it’s an industry secret.


Because most of the industry need people like you to stay where you are

They need you to not make progress


Because they want an endless pool of people to buy their average programs

Well, not me…

My name’s Jason Kalambay, owner of The Body Blueprint. Bringing lab-based evidence to the real world so that real people just like you can get the results you want. The results you deserve. Just like all of these people below

They, too, were living in the matrix. Confused over the endless pool of misinformation

Not anymore

So, what is The Body Blueprint

  • Start Point Program Design. We look at exactly what you need to have in your program to elicit unparalleled results. From nutrition to training, to rest and accountability, we give you the exact formula that is right for YOU. Something that most trainers fail to do
  • Adherence Based Coaching. Most people fall off because of the massive changes they need to make to their current lifestyle, leaving them unable to adhere long term. What do we do? We use your current diet and training routines and optimise them, making slight changes meaning that adherence is a guarantee. We’ve all been there before with the best intentions and no follow through. Say goodbye to those days right now
  • The AAG Community. Advice & Guidance WHEN you need it is something that most communities lack. Not with The Body Blueprint. You get access to not just my team… BUT ME. Every day, without fail. Not only this, our members support one another to achieve things they never thought possible. Don’t believe me? Check these guys below
"What an AMAZING program!"
"I didn't expect to lose 40 lbs in 16 weeks😱"
"Gilleon lost 21lbs in 90 days"
"In 8 weeks I've already
changed my whole entire life"
"What an extraordinary program"
"Jason came in and
changed my life"
"I reached each of my monthly goals with Jason"
"Yaser lost -30lbs"
"It's been a real blessing,
I'm so happy"
"Pastor & Business owner
sharing his experience"
"Josh lost -15lbs in 5 weeks"
"Lawyer Huff lost 25lbs"
"Melissa lost 31lbs in 120 days🤯🤯"
"It's been an awesome experience truly"
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